Studio One of Circleville
Studio One of Circleville 
Piano for School-Age Students

The piano basics program at Studio One is an exciting and comprehensive series for piano study designed to get the young student off to the right start. The learning sequence is carefully graded to assure steady progress, while the full-color illustrations entertain and reinforce along the way. The selection of pieces includes original works as well as familiar folk songs and pop styles in creative and enjoyable arrangements for all levels of student.
A gradual multi-key approach is used allowing the student to experience complete keyboard knowledge. The student will learn:
  • Basic rhythm patterns and reading
  • Intervals
  • Chords and harmonizing melodies
  • Scales, cadences, and arpeggios
  • Essential signs and terminology
  • Sight reading
  • Transposition

Piano for Adults

These lessons use materials designed especially for the mature learner including many well-known melodies. Extensive use of supplementary solos chosen from each student’s area of interest is made. Also included in the lessons are ensemble playing, improvisation, sight reading, and popular songs. Adults in this course are learning how to work hard at their music and enjoy it too.

Brass and Woodwind Lessons

In these lessons, school age students will be given extra supplements to their school band instruction as well as preparation for recital and OMEA competitions. Students wishing to advance their chair placement in band will benefit greatly from private instruction.
Adults wanting to learn an instrument or brush up on skills from high school will have input on the music studied.

Voice Lessons

Voice lessons are for students age 13 and older. Students will focus on singing techniques including tone production, intonation, breathing, projection, posture, and stage presence using a variety of styles of music. High School age students are encouraged to prepare for OMEA competitions as part of their vocal experience. 

Violin Lessons

The beginning violin student shall learn to properly handle the violin and bow, how to tune the strings and rosin the bow. The student shall learn basic musical notation, note values, tempo markings, pizzicato and arco. The student shall learn to produce a good tone by bowing on one string, identify notes on a musical staff and the proper fingering of each note in first position. The student shall learn the proper left hand position for fingering, and will learn to bow perpendicular to the strings.
As these are mastered, the student shall learn staccato and legato, slurring and hooked bowing, playing on two strings at once, and dynamics.

Theory & Composition Lessons
Learn the basics of theory and composition from Mr. Francis.  He will help you solve the mysteries of how music is written.  He will teach four one-hour lessons on Sat. from 10 am until 11 on Sept. 28, Oct. 5, 12, & 26 for $30.00.  Call 477-2100 to sign up.  
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Guitar Lessons

The Studio One Singers is a group of 8 - 13-year-olds who enjoy singing together.  They meet weekly on Thursdays @ 6:30 for one hour.  They are under the direction of Mrs. Beathard.
Act Out is an acting class for ages 8 - 18 under the direction of Mrs. Perkins.  They meet on Saturdays from 10 am until 11.

Performance Opportunities for music students:

​The beginning guitar student will learn to tune the guitar as well as finger and fretting placement as well as strumming techniques with a plectrum (pick).  The student will learn to read music using basic rhythm structures in standard notation and tablature including note values, tempos and fingerings for 1st position Major/ minor, Pentatonic and Blues Scales plus all open position chords.  As the student advances, he/she will learn: 
  • *Barre Chords/ inversions
  • *Position reading in standard notation and    
  •   tab.
       *    Advanced concepts in Improvisation
       *    Theory/ Harmony
       *    Chord soloing
       *    Advanced studies in scales
       *   Advanced right hand techniques including fingerstyle

When the student becomes proficient with chords and scales, they will be given the opportunity to play in the X-Perience Music Band that plays a variety of styles of music for fairs, festivals, and community events throughout the central Ohio area. 

HONORS RECITAL is held each November by audition.  Students are chosen to perform at the recital held at Ohio Christian University.

The annual EARLY SPRING RECITAL is held the first of March for all Studio One students.  

Performing is an important part of taking lessons.  Students learn poise, stage presence and receive a good feeling of accomplishment from recitals.